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Your Short-Term Rentals Can Generate 6x Gains


Your Short-Term Rentals Can Generate 6x Gains 

by David Pickron

Rarely in life can the quick version of anything ever compete with the more time intensive “real deal.”  Think of any instant food and you will quickly realize that I’m telling the truth.  The same had held true for real estate investments for at least the last century… but times, they are a changin’.  As you look at your portfolio it may be time to consider transitioning some of your long-term holdings into short-term rentals, and here is why; short-term rentals can generate up to six times the amount of revenue as a long-term hold.  My average long-term hold properties cash flow at around $200 per month; my short-term rentals cash flow just over $1200 per month. Does that get your attention? 

As you consider transitioning from long-term to short-term rentals, you should examine the following factors to help ensure that the changeover is successful: location, needs, and saturation.