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12/5 SJREIA's Speed Learning for 2021 - ALL DAY (FREE) - 8:30am to 5pm


We know that a “full day of learning” might” sound like a drag after months of Zoom meetings, which is why our Speed Learning for 2021 event will be providing short bursts of quality education throughout the course of the day from SJREIA's local business affiliates. No commercials, no infomercials, no sales pitches, just quality education packed into 15-minute segments.  

Whether you fill a notebook as you listen all day or pick and choose which seminars fit your needs, you will not want to miss this free day of education. Set yourself up for success in 2021 with the help of SJREIA business affiliates who know the ins and outs of the local real estate investment market. 

Each 15-minute burst of education will feature a local professional introducing a topic that is specific to their niche. Check out the list of speakers below. Once you RSVP for the event, you will be sent a full schedule and links so that you can attend any meeting that you desire. 

Speed Learning for 2021 

  • Paul Loftland from 360 Virtual 3D Tours will be introducing you to the most up to date, innovative ways to sell properties. Using 3D property tours makes an unforgettable first impression. Paul will show you how. 
  • If you are looking to grow your wholesaling business, make sure you tune in for Ron Odom from Campostella Properties, LLC. Ron will be offering quick and valuable tips to automate your wholesale business so you can do more in less time. 
  • As a hard money lender, Cory Anderson with First Equity Funding has a unique perspective on rental property evaluation. He will be offering his insight on how to evaluate a potential rental property. 
  • When rehabbing a property, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms. If you’re looking for kitchen inspiration and education, don’t miss Aleksandr Ankudovich from as he teaches you how to approach kitchen layouts in rehabs. 
  • If you’re looking to add more properties to your portfolio, check out Gregory Jacovini from PRO Capital, LLC who will offer quick, concise education on how to increase your real estate purchase inventory.
  • Credit scores are a major factor in real estate investing, especially if you intend to borrow any amount of money for the job. Set yourself up for success and learn how to raise your FICO score from Ariel Baruch with Contour Mortgage Corporation. 
  • Knowledge is power in real estate. To know if a property is worth your effort, you need to know what it’s worth. Learn how to review comps in the area using a comparative market analysis (CMA) from Cardwell Thaxton from The Cardwell Thaxton Group. 
  • Virtual tours can be the game-changer you need in your real estate investment business. Steven Muller from 3D Business Solutions will teach you how to use virtual tours to elevate your success. 
  • Landlords, listen up. This 15-minute segment is one you will want to put on your calendar. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to increase cash flow without raising rents from Michael Lerman of Kynect. 
  • Matthew Weber from Alpha Funding Solutions will teach you how to leverage OPM (other people’s money) to grow your real estate business in 2021. Matt will teach you what you need to get pre-approved and how to move quickly using OPM once you find the perfect property. 
  • Loose lay vinyl planks offer an innovative solution for flooring in your rental properties. This flooring option doesn’t rely on any fasteners or adhesive to hold them in place. Learn all about this unique product from Jerry Downing with USA Flooring and Kitchens. 
  • Financial decisions are paramount in real estate investing. Learn all about making the right financial resume for obtaining mortgages from Joe Scorese with The Federal Savings Bank. 
  • Chuck Burnum from Kingsway Home Inspections offers a different perspective on real estate investing. While many people make decisions once they find a potential property, Chuck will teach you how to make your rehab decisions before you find a property. 
  • Keep your rental properties properly insured in 2021. Learn about Riders and Rentals from Karen Hartford from State Farm Insurance. 
  • 2021 will bring a unique set of opportunities as well as challenges after the year 2020 has been. Renowned home stager, Lia Rogers from Reinvention Intentions, LLC will be discussing staging your investment properties in a post-covid world. 
  • If you are planning on using other people’s month in 2021, make sure to join this 15-minute speed learning opportunity with Ian Walsh as he teaches you how to think like a private lender. 
  • Title insurance is a key component for real estate investing. Learn the ins and outs of obtaining title insurance for your investment properties with Christine Tartaglia from South Jersey Settlement agency. 
  • Auctions can be a lucrative way to buy investment properties when used correctly. Make sure you don’t miss Jeffrey Minetti who will offer a list of tools for buying real estate on
  • Taxes, taxes, taxes! This is important, don’t miss it. Tune in as John Haslach explains how to understand the taxation of RE investing. 
  • Once the renovations are complete, it’s time to find a buyer. Donna Sadwin with Design Studio 312 will be explaining how to increase your ROI on RE Investments with staging. 

20 local real estate professionals plus 5 national speakers will be filling the day with quality education as we prepare to dive into 2021. Mark your calendars, tell a friend, and RSVP for Saturday, December 5th SJREIA’s Speed Learning for 2021.

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