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Cultivating a Masterpiece Lawn🏡🏡🏡


Cultivating lush, green grass can be a challenge for anyone and preparation and maintenance are the keys to success. Below are some secrets to a beautiful, healthy lawn.

1. Prepare. Rake up any leaves or debris.

2. Inspect. Check for soil compaction - areas where water stands but doesn't sink in, fertilized grass doesn't green up, and affected areas actually look flatter than the rest of the lawn. Compacted soil that's also causes runoff
and erosion.

3. Aerate (if needed). Compacted soil will need to be aerated by punching holes into the soil's surface. There are a variety of plug aerators that can be purchased or rented but they all should do the same thing: Remove clumps of soil so oxygen and water can enter the ground. You can further nourish the soil by applying compost or peat moss after aerating.

4. Repair. Fill holes with topsoil and add grass seed. Cover the area with a thin layer of straw to protect the grass seeds from birds and from drying out or eroding.

5. Hydrate. It's a good idea to water your lawn irregularly, rather than on a strict schedule to replicate natural weather patterns and make your lawn more drought-tolerant. A strong root system creates hardier turfgrass so water deeply and allow soil to dry slightly between waterings.

6. Mow. Always mow when the grass is dry and the blades are upright and less likely to clump when cut. Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade length at any one time. Grass needs the surface area of the blade to stay healthy and removal of too much can create a good environment for disease. Try to change the mowing pattern periodically. Grass develops a grain based on the direction it is cut. Alternating the pattern will result in an upright growth pattern. Leave clippings on the lawn so nutrients and nitrogen are redeposited into to the lawn.

7. Observe. Inspect your lawn regularly for any changes, such as bare spots or weeds and treat problems as soon as they occur.

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