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Is this "house" really worth your money?💵


📢👀Some lenders and property owners are relying on Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) to determine property values. These computers are located in cities far away and they rely on data gathered from a hodge podge of sources (some shockingly unreliable). They mix the data up and then spit out a "value". Simply put, relying on that data instead of a professional appraiser can result in disaster.

If you're buying or selling, insist on a real appraisal from Tight & Right Real Estate Valuation for a true valuation. We are professional appraisers with years of experience in Princeton. We know your neighborhood and your housing market.🏠 And, we actually come to your home and evaluate the features and amenities of your property. No computer can compare.

📞Contact Cardwell Thaxton today to order appraisal for your homes!

Tight And Right Real Estate Valuation
Cardwell Thaxton, New Jersey
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