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March Madness at SJREIA! Finding the best tenants for your rentals AND investing in a post-covid economy


This month, SJREIA has added not one, but two bonus learning opportunities to the calendar! 

First up, join us on Wednesday, March 17th for a FREE webinar featuring National REIA speaker, David Pickron. If you are an active or aspiring landlord, this event is for you. 

It's a crazy time to be a landlord! Local, State and Federal regulations are restricting landlord access to the background history of potential tenants. 

At this webinar Speaker David Pickron will talk about how landlords can adjust their tenant qualification process during these challenging times to find THE BEST TENANTS possible!

David will be teaching attendees: 

  1. How to create and use rental criteria to protect yourself and your investment.
  2. Strategies for rental history verification processes and increasing tenant requirements.
  3. How to update the way you process employment and income verification.
  4. How property inspections can work in your favor.
  5. What investors can expect in the future and how Rent Perfect can help. 

Based in Arizona, David has over 25 years of experience in the eviction and tenant screening fields. David is the owner of AAA Landlord Services, Inc as well as Rent Perfect. His companies have helped both evict and place tenants in the Arizona market since 1992. David has been recognized as a leader in tenant screening since 2001. David is a regular contributor to many industry publications and shares his insider knowledge through online training available through his company websites. To learn more about David and what to expect on March 17th, visit 

The webinar will take place virtually on March 17th from 7:00-8:30 PM. This event is FREE for all members and guests. RSVP here. 

We did promise TWO bonus events!

Save the date for a webinar on March 31st. Join guest speaker, Matt Atkinson as he discusses how to determine a “buy and hold” vs. a “fix and flip” in today’s market.

It may be challenging to decide how you’d like to proceed with your investment properties in a post-covid world. Matt will be discussing the pros and cons of “buy and holds” as well as “fix and flips.” He will be discussing the market changes over the last year and what you can expect when investing in the current market.  

Matt Atkinson began his career in real estate as a mortgage professional and has been investing in real estate for 17 years. During that time, he has built a portfolio of over $22 million in rental properties. Through his experience, he has mastered the art of effectively utilizing other industry professionals to improve his investing career. Matt and his team now offer consulting services for new investors who are looking to advance their understanding of rentals, landlording, hard money lending, flipping houses, and more. 

Join Matt Atkinson on Wednesday March 31st from 7:00-8:30 PM. SJREIA members are free. Guests’ tickets are $20. Please RSVP here. 

At SJREIA, we strive to provide educational resources and networking opportunities for real estate investors of all experience levels. There is always something here for you. If you haven’t yet considered membership, visit the membership page to learn more about the benefits and perks. We look forward to seeing you at these upcoming webinars. Check out the calendar page to see all upcoming events and be sure to join our Facebook group to stay connected.

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