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SWAT Secret Ways And Techniques: Saving 50% on Your Rehab Properties - Pete Youngs


South Jersey real estate investors, mark your calendars! On December 5th, 2020, we will be bringing you a full day of top-notch REI education. From 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, over 20 local and national speakers will be joining our virtual event to deliver topics including wholesaling, staging, kitchen layouts, rentals and landlording, making rehab decisions, and so much more.

You will not want to miss our national speaker lineup including Marc Halpern, Mike Butler, Marco Kozlowski, and more. National speaker, Pete Youngs, will be presenting, “SWAT Secret Ways And Techniques: Saving 50% on Your Rehab Properties.”


Pete will explain how more money is lost during the rehab of a property than any other aspect of real estate investing and give you invaluable tips on how to avoid losing money. 

Here are just a few topics that you will learn from tuning into Pete’s seminar:

  • How to make an extra $10,000 average profit on every deal.
  • How to evaluate repairs and estimate costs.
  • The seven questions that you must ask every contractor before hiring them.
  • How to create thousands in profit while rehabbing.
  • Where to get low-cost labor without losing quality.
  • How to get contractor discounts.
  • How to oversee projects without doing the work yourself.
  • And more!

Pete will also be sharing innovative tips for “do it yourself rehabbers” including how to clean a roller cover out in 20 seconds or less when painting your rehab property.

The information that you will learn from Pete will save you time and money, two of the most invaluable resources in real estate investing.

Visit Pete at and be sure to tune in on December 5th for a full day of learning and growing. RSVP for Speed Learning for 2021 by clicking here.

See you there!

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