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Selling your home? "Raise the chi" with Feng Shui🏠 🏠 🏠


More and more home sellers are turning to feng shui - the ancient Chinese art of designing structures and arranging objects to create harmonious energy flow - to help attract buyers. The feng shui concept promotes prosperity, good health and general well being by examining how energy, chi, flows through a particular room, house, building, or garden.

Many home sellers - and real estate agents - believe that a home with better chi may sell quicker. In fact, many of the principles of feng shui overlap with the practical suggestions your real estate agent may already make to prepare your home to sell. It encourages a balance of colors, sizes and shapes, and emphasizes simplicity.

While you can't do much about the size of rooms or other construction features of the home, you can make some cosmetic changes like removing extra furniture and clutter, making better use of natural sunlight and strategically placing items like candles and plants around the house to create a more balanced environment for potential buyers.

Here are some easy feng shui tips to prepare to show your home prospective buyers:

1. Remove clutter. The first rule of thumb: Get rid of or pack away any unnecessary items in your home. Especially the kitchen since that's the one place you can be assured potential buyers will look in your cabinets - they want to see if their things will fit inside. Get rid of all those appliances strewed across the counter top and place them in boxes and store them away while your home is being shown. Buyers also look in bedroom closets so clean it out thoroughly and remove anything out of season or unnecessary. Storage is one of the biggest selling options for the home - so the more space a prospective buyer sees, the more they can visualize themselves living in the home.

2. Give your home a pleasant smell. When you show your home, make sure your home has an uplifting fragrance like homemade cookies baking or the sweet smell of lemon. Candles are a great way to achieve a "homey" fragrance.

3. Give it a fresh coat of paint. Walls should be light in color, so you may need to invest in some light, neutral paint before your home is ready to show. A dark color on the walls can make the home feel small and constricting.

4. Make your bathroom luxurious and spotless. A bathroom can make or break a sale so get rid of the dirt and grime and have the bare essentials in the room. Place a plant in the room and open the window if it is a nice day. And make sure it smells fresh by using a light air freshener or candle.

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