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📢👀We Are Ready To Help Your Borrowers Eliminate Their PMI


You probably know that for most mortgage loans made after July 1999, lenders are required by federal law to automatically cancel Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) for borrowers with good payment histories when the loan balance falls below 78 percent of the original purchase price or when their equity reaches 20%. There are some exceptions, of course, but we wanted to take the opportunity to offer our services to your borrowers.

It's your right to insist on a professional, third-party appraisal of the property to prove whether the borrower is eligible to remove PMI or not. At Tight & Right Real Estate Valuation, well go above and beyond to help you and your borrowers. Please send them to our website or ask them to contact us.

Tight & Right Real Estate Valuation
Cardwell Thaxton, New Jersey
📲(908) 456-1593

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