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📢👀What Should You Look For In An Appraiser? ACCURACY.


It's vital that you use an appraiser that won't skim over the details and does the research necessary to get your clients a thorough and accurate appraisal with the analysis to back it up. That's why I strive to provide the most accurate reports to my clients possible.

As an unbiased and non-commissioned participant in the mortgage transaction, I have no vested interests in the home's value. I also have the expertise that you can't get from a book. For instance, you can't know how much or little to mark up for a fireplace without knowing the neighborhood or even talking to agents and recent buyers in the area about how important that amenity is in the area.

I strive for accuracy because I know it's crucial.

To learn more about Tight & Right Real Estate Valuation and the services I offer visit my website or contact me for assistance. Then, order your accurate appraisal by visiting the Order Appraisal page of my site. I'll give you a reasonable turn around time, great services and a fair fee.

Tight & Right Real Estate Valuation
Cardwell Thaxton, New Jersey
📲(908) 456-1593

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